10 Spring Bugs to Prep for Now, ants walking on spring flower

10 Spring Bugs to Prep for Now

Spring is almost here! More sun, more fun, and colorful flowers are just around the corner, but sadly so are lots more bugs. But don’t fret, we’re here to prep you for all the annoying, biting creepy crawlies headed your way. Learn what bugs to expect, when to expect them, and how to get ready for each one. 

Cedarcide Blog Post Image, Do This Now for Fewer Bugs in Spring: 3 Family-Safe Steps

Do This Now for Fewer Bugs in Spring: 3 Family-Safe Steps

Below we’ll show you exactly how to keep bugs out of your lawn and home, and away from your family and pets. With the following step-by-step tips you’ll be able to avoid the expense, time, and effort of getting rid of spring bugs once they arrive by preventing them instead.
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How to Get Rid of Roaches: 3 Steps

Few bugs send a shiver down your back like a giant cockroach scuttling across your kitchen floor. And sure—they don’t bite or sting, but they’re really, really gross, infamous for spreading all sorts of germs and grime throughout our homes, right around our loved ones and pets.
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What Are No-See-Ums? And How to Get Rid of Them

Also known as biting midges or sandflies, no-see-ums are a family of small flies that resemble gnats and mostly feed on plant nectar. If their name didn’t give it away, they’re often impossible to see, as they're usually no more than 1–3 mm in size (about the size of the point of a pencil!). In fact, most people don’t realize they’ve encountered these bugs until they start to itch. You see, just like mosquitoes, female no-see-ums bite and drink blood, which they require to lay eggs. 
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