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Get Rid of Scorpions in 3 Easy Steps

Did you know... Unlike most bugs which die in freezing conditions, researchers have shown scorpions can survive being frozen solid overnight and thawed out the next day.

3 Step Guide




Step 1
Spray Scorpions Directly

It’s simple, thoroughly spray any scorpions you encounter with Tickshield Extra-Strength Bug Spray — and that’s it! Unlike traditional bug sprays, Tickshield contains no harsh chemicals, so you can feel good about using it around your family and pets.

Step 2
Treat Your Home and Lawn

To repel scorpions indoors, spray known hangouts and potential entry points like doorways, garages, windows, and baseboards weekly with non-toxic Tickshield.

For outdoors, thoroughly spray your entire yard and the exterior of your home with Cedarcide Outdoor Bug Control, and reapply in 1–2 weeks. Repeat applications monthly for prevention after that. To help prevent scorpions from moving indoors, apply a thick layer of Cedarcide Granules along your home’s foundation, too.

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Step 3
Prevent Scorpions from Coming Back

Without access to shelter, food, and water, scorpions are far less likely to inhabit your home or yard. Keeping these spaces clean and clutter-free will help limit most scorpion attractants.

Removing overgrown shrubs and regularly trimming trees is a must, too, as is spraying your lawn with Outdoor Bug Control monthly, which kills and repels both scorpions and their main food source: other bugs. Scorpions can sneak through almost any crack, so check both inside and outside your home for possible entryways like broken seals and repair them ASAP.

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How Cedar Oil Kills Bugs

While the answer can get a bit technical, there are 6 basic ways cedarwood oil works to kill and repel pests like fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, ants, mites and more.

Customers are saying...
"I live in Arizona and this product has been successful keeping scorpions off my property and out of my home. I apply the indoor and outdoor as recommended."
— Regina W.
"We had a big scorpion problem this summer. Although we have professional exterminators come every other month, the scorpions seem to be multiplying rapidly. Found this product on line and although expensive we were desperate. Happy to say after just 1 application a noticeable reduction started happening. One week later he found only 1."
— Mary A.
"I've used it before with a scorpion infestation and it worked. I had found 432 scorpions in and around my house in less than 3 months. With in one month of using your product I didn't find any near my house or yard. Now I use it as a general pest control during the spring and summer for my garden and house."
— Jayme W.