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Get Rid of Fleas in 3 Easy Steps

Did you know... Just one flea can produce 20,000 more fleas in only 60 days. That means 50 fleas can become 1 million in just two months!

3 Step Guide




Step 1
Protect Your Pets

If your pet has fleas, they’ll quickly spread to your yard and home if they haven’t already, so let’s get your dog or cat protected.

For dogs, mist their entire coat with non-toxic Cedarcide Original Bug Spray and rub it in with your hands. For their face, avoid spraying and just use your hands. Reapply every 1–3 days. For cats, use your hands to apply all over for total protection, and reapply weekly or more often as needed.

Step 2
Treat Your Home and Yard

Treating your lawn can help resolve an ongoing flea problem much more quickly. Using Cedarcide Outdoor Bug Control, treat your whole yard in a single session and reapply in 1–2 weeks. Apply monthly or more often as needed after that. For added protection, spread Cedarcide Granules throughout your lawn every 4–6 weeks.

Inside, fleas hide in fabrics, carpet, furniture and where your pet spends the most time. For best results, spray these areas with Cedarcide Original every 2–4 days until the fleas are gone. For advanced flea problems, fogging with Cedarcide Original is the most cost-effective approach.

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Step 3
Prevent Fleas from Coming Back

A few key tips can help you avoid fleas in the future. Regularly vacuuming, checking your pets for fleas, and staying up on lawn maintenance will all help significantly. Don’t forget to keep spraying your lawn monthly as well, and reapplying Cedarcide Granules every 4–6 weeks.


How Cedar Oil Kills Bugs

While the answer can get a bit technical, there are 6 basic ways cedarwood oil works to kill and repel pests like fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, ants, mites and more.

Customers are saying...
"Totally dummy proof, and works perfectly! Yardsafe got rid of my flea and tick problem in my yard. It's totally non-toxic so I can let my dogs out right after the application without worrying they'll eat chemical covered grass."
— Karyn H.
"I have pets and don't give them oral flea & tick prevention because it has bad side effects, can lead to death. I spray the yard and use granules. We never have fleas or ticks. Great product that works!"
— Shirley H.
"I like the purity and effectiveness of this product and that it can be used as a household spray as well. I shopped around and this seems to be the best product for fleas."
— Katherine J.