Cedarcide Pest Guides

Flea Control

1. Treat Your Pet

Apply All Purpose Bug Spray to your pet daily to kill and repel fleas. Repeat daily application until you no longer see fleas. For flea prevention, apply All Purpose Bug Spray to yourself and pets before walks, dog park visits, and other outdoor activities.

2. Treat Your Home and Pet Spaces

Spray All Purpose Bug Spray daily on pet bedding, pet spaces, and other trouble areas such as furniture and carpeting (larger flea issues may require you to fog your entire home with All Purpose Bug Spray). Daily vacuuming can help a lot, too, just be sure to empty or throw away the bag after each use..

For prevention, spray pet bedding, pet spaces, and potential entry points weekly, or more as needed.

3. Treat Your Yard

If you have fleas in your home, they’re likely in your lawn, too. Spray your entire yard with PCO Choice twice, two weeks apart, and then apply monthly after that. For flea prevention, simply apply PCO once a month, or more as needed.

Because PCO is both family and pet safe, you can start enjoying your bug free yard immediately.