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Get Rid of Mosquitoes in 3 Easy Steps

Did you know... Mosquitoes are the #1 killer of humans all time, with some estimates blaming half of all human deaths in history on mosquito bites.

3 Step Guide




Step 1
Protect Yourself and Pets

To protect yourself and pets from mosquitoes, apply non-toxic Cedarcide Original Bug Spray before outdoor adventures and entertaining. 

For people, spray your skin and clothing and reapply every 5–7 hours. For dogs, mist their coat for total coverage and rub it down to their skin. Use your hands to apply to their face and reapply every 1–3 days. For cats, apply with your hands or a cloth weekly or more often as needed.

Step 2
Spray Your Lawn

Family and pet-safe Cedarcide Outdoor Bug Control has you covered. Start by spraying your front, back and side yards, along with any bushes and small trees on your property. For best results, apply again in 1–2 weeks and then monthly for prevention. 

Lastly, spread Cedarcide Granules throughout your lawn, too, especially wherever you experience the most mosquito problems.

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Step 3
Prevent Mosquitoes from Coming Back

Mosquito prevention involves removing mosquito breeding sites and reducing unnecessary moisture throughout your yard. The less overgrown and dense your lawn, the fewer mosquitoes you’ll experience, so mowing and trimming are essential. 

Accidental sources of moisture like faulty sprinklers and hoses should be addressed immediately, and if your yard includes water elements like bird baths, these need to be regularly cleaned during mosquito season (Mar.–Sept.).


How Cedar Oil Kills Bugs

While the answer can get a bit technical, there are 6 basic ways cedarwood oil works to kill and repel pests like fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, ants, mites and more.

Customers are saying...
"Very easy to mix and apply to outdoor areas. It leaves a pleasant cedar smell, and I love that it is so much safer to use than other brands. I noticed a dramatic reduction of mosquitoes and other pests around my property. I am still seeing many bees and butterflies, but that is the desired effect!"
— Cassandra R.
"My son has used it at camp to keep the ticks and mosquitoes away. I have used it in the house to deal with an ant problem we never had before. And the products smell great!"
— Candis S.
"Over the last few weeks that we’ve been using Cedarcide we haven’t seen a single tick on either of my cats! I also used it around the outside of my door and it is keeping the mosquitoes away so they don’t come in the house!"
— Anna K.