How to Control Mosquitoes


1. Treat Yourself and Pets

Apply All Purpose Bug Spray to you and your pets before walks, hikes, dog park visits, and other outdoor activities to prevent mosquito bites.

2. Treat Your Lawn

Spray your entire yard, shrubbery, and bases of trees with PCO Choice monthly to kill and repel mosquitoes. For larger mosquito populations, spray twice, two weeks apart, and then monthly after that.

Because PCO is both family and pet safe, you can start enjoying your yard immediately after application.

3. Prevent Future Mosquito Problems

Mosquito prevention primarily involves limiting moisture and potential breeding and hiding spots.

• Lawn maintenance is crucial. Any unnecessary clutter that could collect moisture needs to go. Equally important: regularly mow, weed-eat, and trim hedges.

• If you have bird baths, you need to drain them or at least clean and change their water weekly during mosquito season (March-September).

• Repair or replace faulty sprinklers, hoses, faucets, plumbing, drains, and anything else that introduces moisture into your lawn.

• Recreational water spots—like hot tubs, pools, artificial ponds, etc—need to be periodically cleaned and carefully maintained to discourage mosquitoes and mosquito eggs. This includes tarps and pool covers, too.

• Natural features like hollow tree stumps and ditches provide the perfect environment for mosquitoes. Whatever the solution, find a way to remove or neutralize these mosquito hotspots around your home.