Product Subscriptions

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Get Cedarcide delivered to your door as often as you decide. With Subscribe & Save, set your preferences once and never lift a finger again. We’ll ship what you need to stay worry free.

Subscription Information

Creating a Subscription

Simply select "Subscribe & Save" on any product page with this box. Then choose how often you'd like to receive your item. Finally, add the product to your cart.

You're good to go! We’ll send your products based on the recurring shipping preference you select. Your card will be charged just before a new order is on its way to you.

Managing a Subscription

You’re in full control of your new subscription. If you’d like to update or cancel it, head over to your account page and select manage subscriptions. 

From here you can change the next shipment date, skip the next shipment, pause/cancel a subscription, add to an active subscription, and so much more.

Subscription FAQ's

Will I continue to get the same discounted price on all recurring orders?

Yes! Once you lock in your subscription, the cost of your products and shipping will not change unless you adjust or cancel your subscription.

How do I adjust my subscription?

Head over to your account page and click the Manage Subscription button. From there, you can change your billing date, how often you receive shipments, the quantity of items you receive per shipment, and more.

How do I cancel?

Before your next scheduled Subscribe & Save shipment, head over to your account page and click the Manage Subscription button. Find the product on the list you’d like to stop receiving and click the Cancel button. That’s it.

If a sale is happening, do I get the sale price on my subscription shipment?

Yes, and no. Sale discounts cannot be applied to Subscribe & Save orders. The great news is that Subscribe & Save gives you a 10% discount throughout the year and your savings really add up. During a sale, for any products you are not subscribed to, you may place a new order to take advantage of the sale pricing. If you’d like to get the sale pricing on products you are subscribed to, an option is to pause your subscription on those items, then place a new order manually. To pause your subscription, head on over to your account page and choose Manage Subscription to make changes. After the sale, your paused subscription will be waiting for you on your account page so you can restart it again.

Can I update my shipping option for an existing subscription?

It's possible to change many settings for an existing subscription, but not the shipping method. If you no longer love the shipping option you first selected, go ahead and (cancel/delete: let's confirm) your current subscription, then start a new one with the shipping option you prefer. To do that, go to the product page for the item(s) you would like to include in the subscription, choose Subscribe & Save for the item, then check out as you normally would. Be sure to choose the new shipping method you prefer.

What's the difference between skip and pause?

Skip is just that. It skips your next upcoming shipment but then continues your subscription afterward. Pause puts your subscription on hold until you decide to re-instate it.

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