Yardsafe - Ready-to-Use Lawn Treatment


The easy way to keep bugs away

An eco-friendly and ready-to-use lawn spray for controlling and preventing unwanted bugs in your lawn.

Scent: Cedarwood
Bottle Size

Product Information


Product Active Inert
Yardsafe (Cedarwood) Cedarwood Oil (9%) Water, Ethyl Lactate, Glycerin, Polyglyceryl Oleate & Sodium Citrate
Yardsafe (Lemongrass) Lemongrass Oil (2%)
Cedarwood Oil (7%)
Water, Ethyl Lactate, Glycerin, Polyglyceryl Oleate & Sodium Citrate

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Quart: Treats approx. 1/8 of an acre (5,000 sq. ft.)


Does Yardsafe work against all bugs?

Yardsafe is third-party tested for fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, ants, mites, chiggers, Japanese beetles, roaches, wasps, and scorpions. However, our products have been popular for a larger range of pests for over 20 years.

How often should I apply?

For your first application each year, apply twice two weeks apart. Then just monthly after that. Repeat applications until freezing temps return.

Is it safe to use around pets and children?

Absolutely! Yardsafe is non-toxic, family-safe, and pet-friendly when used as directed.

Is it eco-friendly and non-toxic?

Yes! Yardsafe is non-toxic, family-safe, pet-friendly and safe for our planet, when used as directed.

What’s the difference between the cedarwood and lemongrass options?

Both are equally effective at controlling unwanted bugs, so it all depends on your scent preference. Cedarwood is classic and earthy (think cedar closet or chest) and lemongrass is brighter and more citrus-like.



Insert the straw into the spray top and attach the spray top to the Yardsafe bottle.


Screw the spray top onto your hose and set the hose to full pressure.


Turn the spray top dial to ON and spray your lawn and other vegetation using slow, even strokes.

If this is your first application, repeat again in two weeks. Then, apply monthly or more often as needed. Re-application after heavy rain may be necessary. For best results, apply in the morning or evening.