One of the most frustrating things about being a cat parent is finding ways to effectively communicate with our fur baes. We all want our cats to know how much we love them, don’t we? Unfortunately, cats can seem distant and preoccupied, seemingly uninterested in our affection and company. The truth is, cats and people just express feelings differently, so your love is being lost in translation. If you can speak your cat’s language, you can let them know just how you feel, and strengthen your bond in the process. Here are 7 ways to show your cat that you love them.

1. Nose-To-Tail Body Rubs

We’ve all seen our cats do this. It’s cute, cuddly, and it makes us love them even more (even when we have to reach for the lint roller afterwards). It turns out our cats do this for a very specific reason. In short, they’re marking us as their own. By rubbing their scent onto our bodies, our cats are leaving a trace that says: “this human is mine!” When you allow your cat as many nose-to-tail rubs as they can handle, you’re letting them know that you value the relationship, too.

2. Slow Blinking and Head Bunting

Cat experts agree: slow blinking and head bumping are big signs that your cat loves and trusts you. Reciprocate by mirroring this activity to show you love them right back. Experts advise against initiating these behaviors, but if your cat swings up with the slow blinks and wants to bump heads, dive right in.

3. Cat Naps

Snoozing with your cat can strengthen your shared bond. If a cat feels comfortable enough to sleep on or right next to you, it means they respect you immensely. Co-sleeping is by no means necessary for cat parents, but if your cat curls up ready for a quick nap, accepting the gesture lets them know the respect is mutual.

4. Cat Massages

Who doesn’t like massages? In addition to lowering blood pressure and helping with stress, massages can bring you and your cat closer together. Use this time to check for lumps and hair mats, too. Over time you’ll discover your cat’s favorite massage spots, but if you’re just starting out, try their cheeks and tail.


5. Grooming

Just like with massages, cats love grooming and to be groomed. In the cat world, grooming is a social activity that expresses affection and shared trust. In other words, grooming is a fast track to your cat’s heart. In addition to feeling good and expressing love, gentle brushing reduces hairballs and leads to a cleaner coat. If your cat approves of your grooming technique, they might just try to groom you back, so be ready for those sandpaper tongue kisses

6. Catnip

At the end of the day, everyone likes to have fun and unwind—including your cat. No, you can’t share a craft beer with them, but you can definitely introduce your kitty to catnip. This affordable and harmless herb can give your cat a serious boost, making them much more playful and relaxed. Whether you’re giving them straight catnip or toys laced with the plant, your cat will absolutely love you for it!

7. Get Playful

Unlike dogs, cats usually make us work for their affection. Don’t be fooled though, they enjoy being loved on, too. The big difference is that cats prefer to dictate when and how that love takes place. Whether using string, a box or actual cat toys, playtime is the easiest way to improve the relationship with your feline friend. Even the most aloof cats will warm up the more playtime you offer them.


Corinna Henderson
Tagged: Pets