We’ve all been there. You come home to an excited, jumping dog only to get a face full of stink. Bam—dog breath! We all love doggy kisses but wouldn’t it be great if they smelled just a little better? While unusually foul breath can be an indicator of an underlying health condition (if it seems really out of the ordinary, visit your vet ASAP), most forms of bad breath are easily fixable. By considering the following 7 natural tips, you can have your dog’s breath smelling fresher in no time.


Nearly all dog owners know this one, but in case you missed the memo, bones are awesome for canine dental health. They scrape away plaque, lead to whiter teeth, and help maintain healthy gums. Just make sure to choose the right bone for your pooch.


Parsley is a well known remedy for bad breath—for both people and dogs alike. It’s the chlorophyll in parsley that’s said to do the trick. While there’s some disagreement about how long the deodorizing effects last, adding a little parsley to your pup’s diet is a safe and natural way to combat stinky dog mouth. Tip: Use approximately one teaspoon of parsley per 10 pounds of weight.


Coconut oil is said to benefit dogs in several ways. In addition to helping improve digestion, immune system health, and allergies, coconut oil is a natural method for freshening your dog’s breath. Thankfully, dogs love the taste, too. Simply add a teaspoon to your pup’s food bowl each day to start enjoying the effects immediately. Brushing your pooch’s teeth with coconut oil is another way to maximize results, although this should not be used in place of regular teeth brushing.


Like bones, crunchy foods such as carrots, apples and celery can improve your dog’s breath by removing odor-causing bacteria from their teeth. When chewed, these foods act not unlike a toothbrush, scrubbing away hard-to-reach food particles and built-up plaque.


Apple cider vinegar boasts a seemingly endless list of benefits for people and pets—fresher breath included. It’s as simple as adding a teaspoon of this natural disinfectant to your dog’s water bowl each day. You should notice the effects in just a few days.


Here’s one you might not know about. Good old fashioned cinnamon is an easy and natural trick for transforming your dog’s stale, smelly breath. Not only can cinnamon help break up hidden food particles, it can prevent the buildup of bacteria in between teeth. The quickest way to incorporate cinnamon in your dog’s diet is to add a few sprinkles to their food bowl. Always double-check what type of cinnamon you're purchasing—not all varieties are pet safe.


One of the principal causes of doggy bad breath are bacteria that inhabit the digestive system. This is where probiotics come in. Probiotics aid in digestion and the growth of beneficial bacteria, which in turn combat odor-causing bacteria in the mouth and GI tract. For more info on probiotics and choosing the right one for your canine friend, click here.

Corinna Henderson