Over 10 million pets are reported lost or stolen each year. Unfortunately, a large percentage of these animals never find their way back home. An inability to identify the pets’ owners is the leading cause. Statistically, microchipping is a pet parent’s best defense against losing their furry loved one forever. This simple implant of a rice-sized chip is strongly encouraged by vets, rescues and animal welfare organizations the world over. But why is microchipping your pup so essential? Here’s 5 Reasons You Should Microchip Your Dog.

1. Collars Aren’t Enough

With a name, address, and phone numbers, collars and tags are essential pet parenting tools. Unfortunately, collars can slip off and tags can become illegible with wear. Losing a pet—maybe forever—simply because a collar fell off is a nightmare no dog owner should have to face. Microchips on the other hand cannot be removed from a pet and in most cases last forever. We’re not saying toss out the collars and tags (please don’t!), we just strongly suggest investing in a microchip, too!

2. It Proves Ownership

Tags and collars don’t always fall off—sometimes they’re pulled off by someone trying to steal your pet. Having your pup microchipped is a quick and easy way to verify ownership in the event of a mishap.

3. It Could Save Your Dog’s Life

Did you know that 1 in 3 dogs get lost during their lifetime? Sadly, many of these pups never find their way back home and are therefore euthanized. Health conditions can further complicate the issue, as pets can die if they don’t receive necessary medication or care shortly after getting lost. Compared to traditional collars, microchips substantially increase the chances you’ll recover your pup in the event they become lost. Considering microchipped dogs are returned 2.5 times more often than their un-chipped counterparts, microchipping might very well save your pooch’s life.

4. Microchips Aren’t Just for Safety Anymore

Like all technology, microchips are getting smarter and more useful every year. In addition to helping recover lost pets, microchips can now communicate with smart pet devices like doggy doors, notify you the moment your pet becomes lost through alerting services, and provide additional support for pet owners who regularly travel with their dogs. Cool, huh?

5. They're a One-and-Done Solution

Once installed, microchips nearly always last the entire life of your pet. Unlike collars and tags, you’ll never have to worry about a chip wearing out and endangering the safety and security of your pooch. However, chips should be checked at least once a year by your vet to ensure they’re working properly. Make sure to update your chip registration any time your contact info changes, too.

Corinna Henderson
Tagged: Pets