Insect-Repelling Cedar Granules


A natural insect repellent for your lawn

The family & pet-safe solution to keeping pesky bugs out of your lawn.

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Cedar Granules Cedar Chips (100%) --

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Each bag covers approx. 3,500 sq. ft.


How do Cedar Granules work?

Our cedar granules naturally repel bugs by interfering with their pheromones, chemicals they use to navigate, mate, search for food, and regulate bodily functions.

What types of bugs are Cedar Granules effective against?

Cedarcide Granules are made from 100% natural cedarwood shavings, which are known to control a wide range of unwanted bugs. We currently have third-party testing for fleas, ants, mosquitoes, mites, and chiggers.

How often do I need to reapply?

For best results, reapply every 4-6 weeks, or more often as needed after flooding rains.

Are they safe to use around pets and children?

They sure are! Our granules are made from 100% natural cedar shavings and are sourced from trees never touched by synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.

Can they be used indoors, too?

Just like a cedar chest or closet, our cedar granules can also be used inside to control unwanted bugs. Popular ways include filling sachets or stockings with the granules and hanging them in closets, or using them in indoor houseplant pots.

Are Cedar Granules planet-friendly and biodegradable?

Yes! In addition to being family and pet-safe, Cedar granules are eco-friendly and naturally biodegrade over time. You can feel good about using these all year round.


Spread granules throughout your lawn, including gardens, planters, around patios and decks, and along fences, foundations, garages and outbuildings. Reapply every 4–6 weeks.

For best results, use granules with Cedarcide Outdoor Bug Control Lawn Spray.