Cedarshield Wood Treatment

Cedarshield protects all wood types from rot, decay, warping, splintering, and pest damage, extending the life of any project, new or old.

Fences, decks, garden boxes, furniture & more

For all wood: treated or untreated, soft or hard

Happiness Guarantee, Always

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How to use

1. Start by removing any dirt or debris to prep the wood for application. Then, lightly wet the surface. Cedarshield applies best to damp wood.

2. Wearing gloves, use a brush, roller, submersion or a sprayer to apply. You’ll know you have a full application when Cedarshield beads up on the surface and will no longer soak into the wood.

Cedarshield works best when applied in temperatures above 45°F.

For projects thicker than 2X4 inches, apply to both sides of the wood when possible for quicker application.

3. Allow 72 hours for Cedarshield to fully dry. Then, you’re free to paint, stain, or seal. Cedarshield is usually a one-time, lifetime treatment.

For larger projects, an additional application may be required after 5-7 years.


How much do I need? (Sizing info)

For boards thicker than 2×4, apply 1 gallon per 100 sq. ft.

For fences & other thinner wood, apply 1 gallon per 200 sq. ft.