Cedarshield Wood Treatment


Bottle Size

Cedarshield protects all wood types from rot, decay, warping, splintering, and pest damage, extending the life of any project, new or old.


Gallon: Treats up to 200 sq. ft.

**Coverage varies depending on type and thickness of wood.

How to use

Step 1: Start by removing any dirt or debris to prep the wood for application. Then, lightly wet the surface. Cedarshield applies best to damp wood.

Step 2: Wearing gloves, use a brush, roller, submersion or a sprayer to apply. You’ll know you have a full application when Cedarshield beads up on the surface and will no longer soak into the wood.

Cedarshield works best when applied in temperatures above 45°F.

For projects thicker than 2X4 inches, apply to both sides of the wood when possible for quicker application.

Step 3: Allow 72 hours for Cedarshield to fully dry. Then, you’re free to paint, stain, or seal. Cedarshield is usually a one-time, lifetime treatment.

For larger projects, an additional application may be required after 5-7 years.