Flea + Tick Pet Brush

The Flea + Tick Pet Brush is the easiest way to protect your pet from fleas, ticks, and other bugs. Bug spray for filling the brush not included.

Easy to use, kills on contact, prevents bites

Safe for use on dogs and cats

Worry-free ingredients | Happiness Guarantee


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How to Use

1. Tighten green brush head, unscrew the handle lid, and remove the green stopper.

2. Fill the brush with up to 4 oz. of Cedarcide All Purpose Bug Spray or Cedarcide Original.

3. Replace the green stopper and lid, then groom your pet to kill and repel fleas and ticks.



All-Purpose Bug Spray

ACTIVE (4.6%): Cedarwood or Lemongrass Essential Oil

INERT (95.4%): Water, Ethyl Lactate, Glycerin, Polyglyceryl Oleate, Sodium Citrate

Cedarcide Original

ACTIVE (20%): Cedarwood Oil (10%), Soybean Oil (10%)

INERT (80%): Mineral Oil, Silica Hydrate, Isopropyl Myristate