It’s been called “The Best Wood Treatment in the World.”

Decks, fencing, furniture, garden boxes, docks—our increasingly popular wood treatment, Cedarshield, can strengthen and increase the life of any woodworking project, including both hard and soft wood.

But how exactly does it work, how do you apply it, and how much coverage does it get you? If you have questions like this about Cedarshield, this article is for you. Don’t see your question below? Comment, chat, or call us (800-842-1464), and we’ll add it to the list, along with a quick and simple response. Here are you most pressing Cedarshield questions answered:

What’s Coverage Like for Cedarshield?

1 gallon of Cedarshield will treat approx. 200 sq. ft. for thinner wood projects like fences, and 100 sq. ft. for decks, docks and other projects with wooden boards thicker than 2x4 inches.

What’s the Best Way to Apply it?

There are many effective, easy ways to apply Cedarshield. You can do it by soaking/submersion, a compression sprayer, brush, or roller. You’ll know you’ve achieved a successful application once the Cedarshield fluid will no longer soak into the wood and begins beading on the surface instead.

For best results, apply a second treatment after the first application has dried. Cedarshield works best when applied to semi-damp wood in temperatures above 45°F.

What Kind of Wood Can I Use It On?

One of the most convenient features about Cedarshield is that it can be used on all wood types, new, old, hard, or soft—it doesn’t matter!

Do I have to Apply to the Front and Back of Fencing?

If the boards are thicker than 2x4 inches, we recommend applying to both sides to help speed up the application process. However, it’s not always completely necessary and you can still get a proper application without applying to both sides in most cases.

Do I Need to Get Underneath My Deck to Apply?

Like with the question above, ideally, you’d apply to both sides if the chosen wood is thicker than 2x4 inches. Again, though, you can get a proper application without applying to both sides.

Cedarcide Cedarshield Wood Treatment

Should I Use Cedarshield Before Starting My Woodworking Project?

That’s a great and very popular use for Cedarshield! It’s a highly effective way to strengthen and protect your wooden projects right from the get-go.

Can I Use this on Furniture, like Outdoor Seating, Dining Tables, and Cabinets?

Absolutely! If it’s wood, Cedarshield will help strengthen and protect the item from rot, decay, moisture damage, cracking, warping, pests, and more.

Can I Use this on Painted, Stained, or Otherwise Treated Wood?

You sure can. For the very best results however, we suggest sanding down the wood first and removing any other debris or dirt that might have accumulated on the surface.

How Long Do I Have to Wait Before Painting or Staining?

It’s best to wait approximately 72 hours after your final Cedarshield application before using paints or stains.

Is it Safe for Garden Boxes/ Raised Garden Beds?

Yep! And it’s one of our favorite uses for Cedarshield. No need to worry—Cedarshield will not leach harmful chemicals into your soil or plant life after application.

What Happens if It Gets on My Grass?

You’ll want to do your best to avoid getting it on grass and other non-wood surfaces. Depending on the amount of overspray, Cedarshield can be harmful to plant life.

Is Cedarshield a One-And-Done Treatment?

In most cases, yes! For larger projects with especially thick wood, reapplication may be necessary after 5-7 years.

Will it Kill Damaging Bugs like Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees, Termites, and Powderpost Beetles?

Although it’s not designed for that purpose and we have not done testing to confirm it, in our customers’ experience, Cedarshield will kill any damaging bugs that are currently inside the wood during application. After application, these pests will no longer be attracted to or capable of penetrating the wood either.

Will it Harm Metal if There’s Overspray?

Although you’ll want to avoid spraying any non-wooden surfaces with Cedarshield, this product is not known to damage metal.

Will it Leach Anything Toxic into the Environment?

Nope! Once dry and fully cured, Cedarshield is safe for our planet, families, and pets.

If It Rains Shortly After Application, Will I Need to Apply Again Before Staining or Sealing My Deck?

Nope! As long as it’s been 72 hours since your final Cedarshield application, rain will present no issue.

Do I Need to Wear Protective Equipment When Applying?

Your safety is always our top priority. Just to be careful, we recommend wearing gloves, some type of face mask, and applying in an area with sufficient ventilation, preferably outside. Avoid skin and eye contact, too.

How Do I Store It?

If you store Cedarshield in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight, it will last you many years.



Jonathan Patrick