How to Get Rid of Ants in 3 simple steps

Ants are the worst. They build dangerous mounds in our lawns that can harm our children and pets. They form annoying little lines in our kitchens, and depending on the ant, their stings can really pack a punch.

Thankfully, getting rid of ants with Cedarcide is simple—and best of all, it doesn't involve exposing your family or pets to poisonous pesticides.

Here’s how you can keep ants away from your lawn, home, and family with 3 simple steps:


If you see ants or ant piles in your lawn, it’s only a matter of time before they find a way inside your home. Thankfully, if you get rid of the ants in your yard, you’ll often stop seeing them inside, too.

Here's How to Do It:

Spray your entire yard and all shrubbery with Cedarcide Outdoor Bug Control twice, two weeks apart, and then just monthly after that until freezing temps return.

If you're seeing ant mounds in your lawn, make sure to fully saturate them when applying to the rest of your outdoor space. For best results, stir up the colony with a stick to help the product soak into the mound (exercise caution during this process to prevent bites and stings).

After applying Outdoor Bug Control, spread Cedarcide Insect-Repelling Cedar Granules throughout your yard, especially along your home’s foundation and the areas with the most ant traffic.

No downtime required! Outdoor Bug Control and Cedar Granules are both family and pet-safe and made without harsh chemicals, meaning you can safely revisit your lawn right after application.




The next time you reach for a can of bug spray to kill ants inside, take a moment to consider the possible consequences. Traditional indoor bug sprays can fill your home with toxic chemicals, resulting in serious health complications for your family and pets—but not Cedarcide.

Family-safe Cedarcide Original is a non-toxic insecticide for use indoors as well as directly on people and pets. Whenever you spot ants inside—like in your cabinets, on flooring, or countertops—simply spray them with Cedarcide Original to quickly wipe them out.

To prevent them from coming back, spray high ant traffic areas weekly with Cedarcide OriginalIf you can figure out how they’re getting into your home, we strongly suggest spraying those entry points weekly, too.




The following tips will help prevent ants from returning to your lawn and home.

  • Ants enter our yards for food, water, and shelter. By trimming overgrown shrubbery, removing sources of water, and limiting clutter, you can substantially decrease the number of ants in your lawn.
  • Ants move indoors in search of food and water. Keeping your home clean and free of food debris, especially flooring and your kitchen, will make your home less attractive to ants. Consider storing all food in sealed containers, too.
  • If you’re currently struggling with ants, consider taking the trash out daily.
  • Looking both outside and inside your home, check for potential ant entry points. Seal any you find with caulk or another sealant to make it harder for ants to move indoors.
Jonathan Patrick