Here are 4 steps to get ready for spring bugs:

1. Start Treating Your Yard Now

Treating your yard for pests early can save you a lot of headache once things warm up.

Spray your entire yard with PCO Choice monthly to prevent pest issues. Try natural Cedar Granules for added repellency.



2. Spring Clean

It’s simple: clutter and crumbs lead to bug problems.

Keep your home clean and free of clutter—particularly the kitchen, flooring, and countertops.



3. Start Spraying Trouble Areas

Spraying common trouble spots and known entry points with Cedarcide All-Purpose Bug Spray monthly can make a big difference.

Pay special attention to windowsills, doorways, pet areas, countertops, and baseboards.



4. Protect You, Your family, and Pets

People and pets are an easy way for bugs to enter our yards and home.

Kill and repel biting bugs by applying Cedarcide All-Purpose Bug Spray to your family and pets before and after enjoying the outdoors.

Corinna Henderson