A non-toxic alternative to traditional chemical-based weed killers. Spray Ridaweed directly on unwanted plant life for easy, fast-acting weed control.

Note: Ridaweed eliminates most types of plant life. Only treat weeds or other undesirable grass or shrubbery.

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Dilute 1 part Ridaweed with 2 parts water. Apply using a handheld pump or sprayer.

For best results, use only plastic or stainless steel sprayers. Because Ridaweed is a non-selective herbicide, use caution when applying around other plant life. Avoid application prior to rain or watering, and avoid applying when windy to prevent accidental application. Ridaweed works best in warm, sunny weather.


ACTIVE (50%): Agricultural Grade 15% Strength Vinegar (50%)
INERT(50%): Water