Insect-Repelling Cedar Granules

Broadcast Cedar Granules outdoors or in select indoor locations to repel and prevent Fleas, Mites, Ants, and Mosquitoes. An effective pest control mulch, too!

Worry-free ingredients & happiness guarantee

No downtime required—Enjoy your yard immediately

Each bag treats approx. 3,500 sq. ft.

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How to use

Spread throughout your lawn, including gardens, planters, around patios and decks, and along fences, foundations, garages and outbuildings. Reapply every 4–6 weeks.

For best results, use with Cedarcide Outdoor Pest Control Lawn Spray.


Cedar Chips (100%)

Will this harm pollinators?

No, our products are specifically designed not to deter beneficial bugs like bees and butterflies.

How long is the downtime, is it pet-friendly?

Because our lawn products contain no harsh ingredients, no downtime is necessary.

You, your family and pets can enjoy your yard immediately after application.

How much do I need? (Sizing info)

Each bag weighs about 8 pounds and covers approx. 3,500 sq. ft.