A non-toxic alternative to those scary, chemical-based weed killers. Spray Ridaweed directly on unwanted plant life for easy, worry-free weed control.

Concentrated strength saves you money

Worry-free ingredients & happiness guarantee

Note: Ridaweed eliminates most types of plant life. Only treat weeds or other undesirable grass or shrubbery.

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How to use

Dilute 1 part Ridaweed with 2 parts water. Apply using a handheld pump or sprayer.

For best results, use only plastic or stainless steel sprayers. Ridaweed works best in warm, sunny weather.

Because Ridaweed is a non-selective herbicide, use caution when applying around other plant life. Avoid application prior to rain or watering, and avoid applying when windy to prevent accidental overspray.


ACTIVE (50%): Agricultural Grade 15% Strength Vinegar

INERT (50%): Water